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    1. "Baltic Restaurants Latvia", Ltd.


      Elizabetes 20, Riga, LV-1050


      Operating fields:: ✓ Cafes, restaurants and canteens ✓ Catering in schools, kindergartens, care homes ✓ Food delivery ✓ Banquet service ✓ Catering in big events ✓ „Subway” franchise ✓ Custom-made confectionery Banquets: "Baltic Restaurants" has 20 years of experience in a wide range and budget banquets. Consequently, the company is capable of high-quality care for all services complex, beginning with food and ending with flowers or other room decors. E-mail for communication: banketi@balticrest.com
    2. "Mazā Parīze", cafe, Ltd Lucrum


      Lacplesa 36, Riga, LV-1011

      +371 29557580

      "Rīga" - "Mazā Parīze", cafe, table setting, banquets, gastronomy, bistro in the heart of Riga!Food delivery Riga, Complex lunch Riga, Lunch delivery Riga, Banquets, Organization of banquets, Table setting, Cafes bars restaurants, Food delivery, Order a banquet in the center of Riga, Funeral feasts in the center of Riga
    3. "Aleksandrs", restaurant in Purvciems


      Dzelzavas 69a, Riga, LV-1084


      Banquet hall, banquets , cafes bars restaurants, cafes, bars, restaurants, catering enterprises, banquet in Purvciems, banquets in Purvciems, restaurant in Purvciems, restaurant in Riga, table laying, banquet table setting, weddings, celebrations, anniversary,
    4. "Ogres prestizs", Ltd.


      Mednieku 21/23, Ogre, Ogres n., LV-5001


      Banquets Off-site banquets Table laying Catering Confectionery Cookery Culinary in Ogre, Trade center, commercial and office space for rent, rooms for rent, commercial and office space for rent, rent space, food retail, (top! Banquet hall, off-site table setting, restaurant, restaurants, concert hall, seminars, conferences, seminar
    5. "Gustavs Adolfs"


      Kokneses prospekts 13b, Riga, LV-1014


      In Mežaparks, one tram stop from the ZOO you can warm in Gustavs Ādolfs. We offer a delicious meal and to enjoy the on-site baked pastries. We can organize corporate events and family celebrations. In summer, tables can be laid on a terrace in the fresh air.
    6. "Aleksandra", bathhouse - sauna


      Stabu 49, Riga, LV-1011


      Bath-house Sauna Saunas Organization of banquets Premises for rent Banquets Finnish bathhouse, sauna, dry sauna, jacuzzi, SPA bath for 8 people, pool with cascade, hydromassage, Heated floors, conditioner, recreation rooms, Banquet hall, conference hall, organization of events, celebration organization. Private banquets ,
    7. "Miranda", cafe-banquet hall


      Bikernieku 14, Riga, LV-1039


      Our premises: ✓ At your disposal are two halls for 30 or 40 people. Combining hall we can accommodate up to 60 guests. ✓ If you you book more than 35 places, cafe will be closed for smooth running of your event. ✓ If you are not able to leave the children at home, take them with you - our cozy play corner will not allow them to be bored. ✓ Near is a comfortable, isolated parking lot with 20 places. In parking can be placed also a bus. If you have come with a car, if necessary, the car can be left parked until the next day! ✓ In warm weather at your disposal is also a summer cafe. ✓ If you do not have time to come to us, you can order food and we will deliver it.
    8. "Dzintars Hotel", Banquet hall Jurmala


      Edinburgas prospekts 15, Jurmala, LV-2015

      +371 67551584

      Restaurant Dzintars on weekends organizes musical dance evenings in dance hall! Dance party in 80's style "For those who are over..." and dances take place every Saturday and Sunday evenings. We invite you to visit unique DISCO 80 nights in the main hotel ballroom every Saturday, 19:00-24:00.
    9. Recreation center „Spāre"


      Spares 3, Riga, LV-1002


      Hotel. Hotel in Riga. Hotel near the airport. Cheap hotel. Hotel. Breakfast. .. . Eastern cuisine in Riga. Eastern cuisine. Sushi in Pardaugava. Banquets . Banquet service. Organization of banquets . Off-site banquets . Festive table. Wedding table. Table for banquet. Off
    10. "Andaluzijas suns", Pub


      Elizabetes 83/85, Riga, LV-1050


      Pub, pub, cafe. Lunch. Banquets , organization of banquets , off-site banquets , table laying, seminars servicing. Table reservation, private events, celebrations, TEX MEX cuisine, cocktail bar. Guinnes
    11. "Avalon Hotel & Conferences" Riga, Latvia


      13. janvara 19, Riga, LV-1050


      Avalon Hotel is a Superior 4-star design hotel where each room interior has been carefully thought out so that premises would be modern, comfortable and functional. It invites guests of Riga to enjoy the new and modern life in the Old Town ancient aura and hotel panoramic lift will only complement these feelings, making you feel a special atmosphere in the atrium. Avalon Hotel offers: * 111 standard, business class and luxury rooms; * Restaurant and bar with food and drinks gamut for every gourmet; * Roof banquet and seminar room with a view over the Old Town towers; * 120 m high, elegant and with modern technology equipped room for conferences, seminars, receptions and celebrations up to 180 persons; * Banquet service both in the hotel and offices or other forms of off-site type service; * Havana club for smokers; * Beauty salon with SPA procedures; * Parking in front of the hotel; * Underground parking.
    12. "Apšeron", Azerbaijani restaurant


      Elizabetes 7, Riga, LV-1010


      Azerbaijan cuisine, special offers for breakfast, lunch and festivities. Get to know the easterner in yourself! Banquet facilities for festivities, birthdays and celebrations, as well as funerals, and corporate events
    13. Leisure centre "Kantes krogs", Banquets


      Miera 5, Gulbene, Gulbenes n., LV-4401

      +371 29441353

      Banquets , table laying. On-site banquets for up to 100 people. Catering, banquet, home cuisine. Leisure centre, cafe, banquet hall, funeral feast, table setting at the client, warm lunch delivery. Events, parties. Off-site banquets , lunch, banquet, weddings
    14. "FRANČU MAIZE", Confectionery, Ltd "Landrika-L"


      Matisa 40/42, Riga, LV-1009

      +371 67293252

      Cakes upon order, salty pretzels with delivery. Salty pretzels with delivery (home, office)Confectionery products sweets production, Confectionery products sweets trade, Confectionery, Cakes upon order, Banquet table setting, Banquets, Pretzels with delivery
    15. "Efeja", restaurant-bar in Madona


      Saules 30, Madona, Madonas n., LV-4801


      Restaurant in Madona. Business lunch. On the menu: traditional Latvia, European cuisine. Hot.. . Offer: cafe, premises for celebrations, (guest number 50 persons). Organization of banquets . Banquet seminar organizing. . Closed evenings. Banquet hall. Celebrations. Meals. Presentations. Parking
    16. "Krauklis", Cafe


      Jurmalas gatve 76, Riga, LV-1083


      Off-site banquets Buffet Banquets Business lunch, breakfast, delivery to offices, (lunch with delivery). Banquets , off-site banquets , service, weddings, funeral feast, (burial) confectionery.
    17. Pontons White Island, Outdoor Banquets


      Mukusalas 2, Riga, LV-1048

      +371 26893796

      The Pontons White Island offers banquets and celebrations - from the closed evening to the big ballroom. All kinds of events - anniversaries, presentations, conferences, opening celebrations, Christmas balls. The company offers an original floating space rental on the water along the Daugava River.Off-site banquets, Banquets, Organization of banquets, Organization of banquets, Catering enterprises, Cafes bars restaurants
    18. Miķelāni bacon, Canteen – cafe

      Zala 22b, Jekabpils, LV-5201


      In former Jekabpils meat factory premises is located MIĶELĀNI BEKONS renovated CANTEEN - CAFE. From other caterers we differ with attractive prices, extensive menu and restored historic interior. We delighted visitors with delicious lunch and reasonable prices. In canteen bar you can also enjoy something stronger. We have a restored modern and spacious hall on the second-floor, where are set festive feasts for different life occasions. Next to the canteen for more than a year has been running fresh meat shop, which offers customers a 100% in Latvia grown delicious, high-quality pork.
    19. "Erebuni", cafe, restaurant


      A.Deglava 55b, Riga, LV-1035


      European cuisine. Armenian cuisine, armenian national cuisine, banquets , booking, food delivery, catering, restaurant, catering enterprises, cafe, beverages, shashlik, soups, second courses, fish dishes, additives, hot appetizers, cold appetizers, grilled pancakes, sauces, salads,
    20. Tamuka restaurant-cafe


      Akademika M.Keldisa 16, Riga, LV-1021


      World cuisine. Delicious food! Come and enjoy!
    21. "Laiks", cafe


      Atmodas 19, Jelgava, LV-3007


      Banquets, Banquets Jelgava, Cafe Jelgava, Banquet hall, Lunch Jelgava, Cafes bars restaurants, Cafe
    22. Riga Motor Museum Cafe


      S.Eizensteina 6, Riga, LV-1079


      Dining restaurant. Banquets. Event catering.Catering cafes, Cafes bars restaurants, Banquets, Organization of banquets, Sports celebrations
    23. "Ergli", Hotel in Ērgļi


      Ergli, Rigas 31, Erglu p., Erglu n., LV-4840

      +371 64871604

      New! We invite you to use the new asphalted road Riga-Ergli (via Madliena)! Electromotive charging station in Ergli near the hotel.
    24. "Caramel", Ltd., Cafe

      Viestura 8, Jekabpils, LV-5201


      Cozy cafe in the heart of Jekabpils. Welcome every guest as well as set party tables for important life moments.
    25. "Bolers", cafe

      Mednu 42b, Ventspils, LV-3601


      Do not miss the sensations that the velvety Ventspils beach will give you, take our coffee with you! Enjoy the sun and food made by our chefs.
    26. "Neldi", Ltd., Trade center


      Brivibas 2a, Valmiera, LV-4201

      29256785, 64281917

      NELDI markets its confectionery, culinary products. There are two banquet halls for celebrations, funerals, seminars, with possibility to relax in the sauna, steam bath and jacuzzi. Rooms, baths can be rented separately. NELDI provides catering service. We place banquets at the client's chosen place, the menu is offered according to the wishes of the client. It is advisable to order a meal at home for partying. We will cater for athletes, children and groups of tourists on request. The customer can order orders in the store or by telephone for confectionery (cakes, pies, pastry, etc., culinary (meat, cheese, fruit, fish plates, various salads, fried products, shashlik production). The store can buy food, drying, fresh meat Every day, in the store you can enjoy a cup of coffee (espresso lavazza), tea, and enjoy the bakery products. BISTRO can cook lunch and dinner during the week.
    27. "Ludza", recreation center-hotel


      1.maija 1, Ludza, Ludzas n., LV-5701


      Overnight stay in Ludza, Motel in Ludza, Motel. Hotel, accommodation, banquets , table laying, cafe. Hotel in Ludza. Hotels. Hotel. Recreation center.. , restaurants. Hotel restaurant. Hotel. Wireless internet, WIFI, Banquets , premises for events, for
    28. "Spridisi", cafe


      Tervete, "Spridisi", Tervetes p., Tervetes n., LV-3730


      Catering, breakfast, lunch, cafe, terrace, celebrations, celebration, banquets , banquets , birthdays, children's celebrations, weddings, banquet, anniversary, grass, premises, table laying, bar, rest for work collectives, for families with children, wedding place, solemn
    29. "Miltinkrogs", cafe

      Miltini, "Atvari", Berzes p., Dobeles n., LV-3732


      Cafe, bar, breakfast, lunch, dinner, pub, celebration, celebration, anniversary, conference, seminar, presentation, banquet, grass, table laying, banquets , weddings, anniversaries, off-site banquets , banquet, burial, funeral feast, meals, funeral, catering, celebrations, children's celebrations, square,
    30. "Park Hotel Latgola", hotel


      Gimnazijas 46, Daugavpils, LV-5401

      +371 65404900

      Hotel Daugavpils, Hotels Daugavpils, Banquets Daugavpils, Hotel, Hotels, Banquets, Conference hall, Conference halls, Seminar hall, Seminar halls, Restaurant Daugavpils
    31. "Pilskrogs", Ltd.

      Edole, "Edoles pils", Edoles p., Kuldigas n., LV-3310


      Tavern in Ēdole palace. Good food in everyday and celebrations. Weddings, banquets, big life event celebration.
    32. "Mondo", Ltd., Cafe

      Akademijas 19, Jelgava, LV-3001


      Always friendly service!
    33. "Pils kafejnica"


      Slampe, "Kulturas pils", Slampes p., Tukuma n., LV-3119


      Cafe, lunch, dining in Tukums, near Tukums.
    34. "Kolumbīne", Ltd., Cafe Bīne


      K.Valdemara 13, Talsi, Talsu n., LV-3201


      Cafe Kolumbīne, Bīne in Talsi offers lunch, dinner, bistro. Banquets, weddings, celebrations, events for children. Talsi. In Talsi.
    35. "Petergailis", restaurant


      Skarnu 25, Riga, LV-1050


      history: The building, which houses the restaurant, was built around 1823. Its author is the architect K. Felsko. The restaurant "Pētergailis" has been located here since 1978, with only 24 seats and the menu only ice cream, cocktails, coffee and confectionery. About the restaurant: "Pētergailis" is a family restaurant on Skārņu Street, in the very heart of Old Riga, between St. John's and Peter's Church, which has been operating since 1978. The menu of the restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes, which are mainly made from products grown in Latvia. Business lunches are also offered. The Pētergailis Restaurant serves world-famous cocktails and specialties that were prepared here 35 years ago.
    36. "Ramavas Depkina muiza"


      Ramava, Ramavas 9, Kekavas p., Kekavas n., LV-2111


      I'm Ramavas Manor. My biggest joy is to give a wonderful mood, heart warmth and unforgettable memories for those who is visiting me. Welcome to Ramavas Manor!
    37. "Sorbas", Ltd, Motel - pub


      Rigas-Siguldas soseja 37.km, Incukalna n., LV-2141


      Hotel. Lodging. Hotel. Cozy rooms. Guest houses. Semi-lux, lux rooms. Wireless internet. Tourism. Infrasauna. Bath-house. Tourist.. offers. Meatballs, pork chop, pork, beef, poultry, meat products. Lamb meat. Soups. Sweet. Banquet. Banquets . Banquet servicing for up to 150 people. Banquet hall with a
    38. "Pusbalsi", Ltd., Cafe


      K.Barona 1, Riga, LV-1050


      Cafes bars restaurants. Banquets , off-site banquets , trade, bars, catering, table setting, hot meals. Table serving, servicing. Catering, catering enterprises. Table (tables) setting, anniversaries, (anniversary) celebration, weddings, wedding tables, banquet tables, swedish tables
    39. "Sipres", Individual merchant, Cafe

      Rigas 32, Livani, Livanu n., LV-5316


      Lunch, homemade lunch, table setting, banquets , table setting on site and off-site. Breakfast, cafe, off-site banquets , bistro, cook-shop. Latgale, Livani. Latgale, Livani. Banquets , banquet, catering, desserts, desserts, soups, hot meals, table with cold plates, porridge, cocktails, warm lunch, off-site
    40. "Lubānas patērētāju biedrība", Ltd., Canteen-bar in Lubana

      Oskara Kalpaka 5, Lubana, Lubanas n., LV-4830


      Ltd. "Lubānas patērētāju biedrība" canteen both for countrymen and visitors does not let down - you will be well fed. And as in 2012 said told journalist Egils Zirnis: Canteen in Lubanas department revives nostalgic for the sweet 70ties. Since journalist visit the portions remained equally large and at the same price! In the canteen bar you will be able to enjoy a coffee along with pastries, taste canteen prepared salads and meat snacks. For holiday mood can enjoy the opportunity to have an alcoholic drink. Canteen team will be ready to prepare exactly for you necessary orders, and can be rented for organization of banquets. Welcome!
    41. "Birinu Pils", hotel


      Birini, Vidrizu p., Limbazu n., LV-4013


      Castle 2 large halls, (2 x 100 m2) banquets , for presentations, for weddings, romantic rest for two, romantic recreation, facilities for corporate events, seminar premises, premises for seminars, for celebrations, anniversaries, (up to 200 pers. for seminars, (up to 140
    42. "Saieta nams", recreation place

      "Saieta nams", Rucavas p., Rucavas n., LV-3477


      Banquets Banquets in Rucava Accommodation in Rucava Accommodation Hotel for youth, hotel, guest house, Guest house for up to 60 people, prices, 10 euro, tourist catering upon order, agreed price, accommodation, on the way from / to Lithuania. Applying by e-mail, please indicate a telephone number! Good cuisine, delicious meals, banquet
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